7 Trending must-haves for your HR software in 2018

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  1. All in one software Solution over disparate ones. Period.

If you are leapfrogging, the people, data, operations, and requirements you deal with will expand exponentially. And you cannot keep switching to an upgraded version of your current software to keep pace with growth. ERP systems or all-inclusive featured solutions are in today. With lesser hassles and better control, such seamlessly integrated suites take care of end to end operations for recruiting, managing, and even training people while emphasizing on increased employee engagement.

Moreover, as a modern-day recruiter, you cannot keep working with complex legacy systems. Cloud-based, online and customized talent management solution is what you need.

  1. Integration with social platforms and popular job portals is a must.

Of course, the talent that you are looking for resides at these places. Plus, from here you can better understand their profiles as well. What if your HR software can keep you connected with social channels and relevant recruiting portals too where you can track the candidates and access the pool of talent too? Sounds relieving right? This feature will free you from manual social profiles check and even help you engage with right candidates.

  1. Features that boost employee performance such as self-learning and self-training

Employee recognition and reward is what all the HR managers find challenging. Latest HR software is loaded with features that ease your job as managers. You want to motivate employees and increase their productivity, keep track of their performance and share feedback with them too. All this and more you can perform from the cutting edge HR software. Various self-learning and training modules for employees act as performance and engagement booster for them. Is that too much? Take a sigh of relief now.

  1. Real-time HR administration

One of the most sought-after and defective advantages of modern technology is where you have all the data of organization and employees at fingertips, and you don’t have to stick to a workstation, but you have anywhere access. That is, all your work to carry those reports in a pen drive to presentation room is a past. Your system is accessible everywhere with an internet connection in real time. Thus, your managing competency is increased. As well as, you can strategize expertly to meet organizational goals using technology.

  1. User Experience

Ugh, do you remember those blue screens with big buttons and confusing steps to perform anything? Forget that, the modern HR software is user-friendly and simultaneously it will give a soothing experience to your eyes.  Same way, your team and even managers too will love using it. Thus your objective to achieve high employee engagement is met. You can mark it off the list. Hence, a tool that modern HR managers and their workforce needs, must be easy to use and easy to operate, and HR software providers know this fact. This is why they put high emphasize while designing the software right from the beginning.

  1. On the go access with mobile (This one is a no-brainer)

The most used device is, of course, a smartphone these days. While people have apps for even smallest of a product, HR software too isn’t any behind. 2018 and onwards is the time that HR software won’t be used without a mobile interface extension. If you are switching to a new HR software, don’t forget to check for the app availability.

  1. Reporting and analytics

Reports, insights and centralized management are the aspects that set the software apart. Many a time, you’ll need a particular set of reports and data, known as customized reports. These are essential to informed decision making and deriving analytics. Hence, you should always ensure that all reports do your system allows you to create. Does it have them all that you need? Give it a thought

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