Best free software downloads for your laptop


Security is essential for every PC, whether for personal or business use. As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Although it may not solve every security issue bound to pop up on your laptop, having an Antivirus installed will make a significant difference. You do not always need to spend a lot on it as there are various Antivirus software tools available for free.

We like Avast free Antivirus, available for Windows, Mac and Android laptops. Other high-end alternatives include Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avira and Panda.

2. Photo editors

Whether you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop, or just keen to see what other photo editors are out there to make your pictures look great, you can be sure to find a good tool for free.

There are a variety of photo editor software tools that are compatible with Windows, Max, Linux and Android laptops – some even built solely for specific operating systems.

Here are some we like:

Desktop messengers

For those that don’t want to constantly send emails back and forth, there are plenty of desktop messaging apps that will make collaborating much easier, whether it be working on a group project or in most cases just general chit-chat.


Not just for browsing with autonomy, VPNs can access country-specific content. We think CyberGhost’s free service is one worth checking out.

Another VPN service that allows users free access is Browsec. It is praised for its speed and lack of ads.

Have a laptop for work and want to get more out of it? Strapped for cash? You’re hardly alone. We’ve experienced the frustration of trying to keep data secure, synchronised with your other devices, diminishing battery life and collaborating with colleagues.

But we’ve found help, and it’s all free. Here are some no cost pieces of downloadable software that will solve your security, productivity, synchronisation, Wi-Fi woes – and more. They’ll make it easier and more fun to get your work done, too.

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